Pitch / References

I rewrote my elevator pitch:

“I’ve always been interested in the Andes crash survivors and what they went through. But what about the other victims of disaster who survived a while – and were never found?”

I also wrote a synopsis:

“The wreckage of a small passenger plane is lying in the Andes mountain range. Nando walks out of the fuselage and joins Daniel, who is sitting outside. They discuss what the outside world would think of their having eaten the dead passengers and their reasoning for it. Nando takes a picture for “the future people” who will find them long after they’re dead. He renews his permission to Daniel to eat his own body if he dies first. Daniel doesn’t respond. He is dead. Days/weeks/months later, Nando is sitting outside the fuselage considering his relationship with God in the mountains. As the panorama of the mountain range moves from day to night, he dies.”



And then of course there are the books directly related to the incident with photo sections which will be invaluable.


The next step is to draw either a panel or a page to give an idea of how the comic will look.

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