Facebook PM chat

A chat I just had with an artist friend of mine. It shines a light on one of my procedures…

David, I was looking at your drawing of the plane for “Nando”. I wondered what the wee lines were you’d drawn in? Are they just wee guide lines?

You mean the lines on the square panel outside the picture?


They are markers for the exact points where I should draw lines depending on whether I want 2, 3 or 4 panels in a row. I have a couple of masters and copy them. Saves me loads of time measuring it out every time.

Just started doing that this year, and it’s a great tip. Had to make a new one to suit Phil’s specifications for the assignment.

In any case, it wasn’t relevant for this one panel page!

Do you trace it onto the page you are working on?

I do my inks on actual tracing paper.

So you trace the template on a sheet, then draw your pics, then ink on top?

I print off a sheet with the empty template. Then draw in the panel boxes where I want them, following the marks or not depending on what I want, then pencil everything in. Then the tracing paper goes on and I ink it all onto that.

Ah ok

If it’s cool with you, I’ll use our little discussion about the marks on my page. It’s relevant to my production blog where I am outlining all my processes with this comic. I’ll not use your name. Lemme know.

Yea sure

Cool ta

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