This week’s task was to work on logos using Adobe Illustrator.

I already have a Fred Egg Comics logo I’ve used for years, and I painted a logo onto the optional Nando cover over Christmas. So I was unsure what to work on.

I decided to make an alternative Fred Egg Comics logo – visualising it at the bottom of the back page of a comic.

I brainstormed a few ideas on graph paper (although you can’t tell it’s graph paper on this scan):

Ideas on graph paper.

The first thought was to use the “o” in Comics as an egg face. I did a few variations on this – no face, no black outlines.

Then changing the shape of the “o” to be like an egg, then colouring it egg-shell.

Finally, combatting a common mistake by others I encounter that it’s actually “Fried” and not Fred, I thought the “e” in Fred could be coloured red. Then colouring the whole word “red” in Fred does the same job, and also has the word red in red.

With all of these ideas, the placing of the words could be varied, i.e.






So with these ideas in mind, I put aside a day to try to learn Adobe Illustrator, which I’ve never used. I also never use Apple Macs. So everything was torturously slow. As I said to some of my classmates, I need to learn how to use a pencil here.

Still, I worked away and slowly came up with the following:


Fred Egg Comics logo colour


Fred Egg yellow




The thing I have found with Illustrator is that it is another useful tool – good for precision.

The advice in the class handouts is sound. Keep it simple.

It still comes down to a creator having ideas.