This week’s class was a tutorial on the Madefire website. I am so inexperienced in this that I was unable to keep up with the tutor. I clung to the manual for dear life and slowly made my way through the instructions.

The important thing though, as emphasised in the class, was to not get carried away with the effects, but rather use them within reason. As ever it is the idea which is most important.

The idea for this task I had was to make a sort of “teaser trailer”. Not loading in too many images (I have never done animation, but understood it takes a long long time to make just a few seconds’ worth). I thought about the cover and opening to my comic Nando, and how that could be used. I drew up the following storyboards to outline what I hoped to do…

Nando storyboards page 1
Nando storyboards page 2

As with Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, I took a day out to go and struggle through the functions. It took me an embarrasingly long time to upload the assets (images) and then manipulating the fades between them. Two things I wanted to do I was unable to thus far: zoom out from a specific point in the cover image, moving the camera past the plane so it almost seems to move into frame, and add an aeroplane and snowstorm/wind sound effects. (I decided I wouldn’t do an explosion anyway as that would be a weak approximation of a plane crash).

The important thing in the trailer was recreating the moment in the comic itself, whereby the reader moves from the page showing the plane and then sees the fuselage, and slots in the crash for themselves.

In the end it took hours to do this very simple 9 second clip, using 3 images. My respect for the animation process is newly reinforced! I would like to go back to this in the future and make changes and additions to what I’ve done. But in the meantime, I have a modest outcome for my efforts.