How time flies! With semester 2 of the course coming to a close, it will soon be time to concentrate on the final project for the year. I have proposed doing a comic that chronicles the history of comics in Dundee, using these four rough ideas:

D.C.Thomson: history / the big five / beano / dandy / war period / adventure papers / other media (cartoons etc) / digital

Comic creators: based in Dundee & local area (Mills, Wagner, Grant) / working for DCT and IPC. What they then went on to do at other US companies (Marvel, DC, etc.)

Local scene: self-publishers / Treehouse etc / Oor Wullie trail / DEECap / exhibitions

University – comics courses / Dundee Comics Creative Space / Inkpot / Publications (Frankenstein, H.G. Wells, Walter Scott, Universe anthologies)

These initial brief ideas served as a proposal to course leader Chris Murray, who approved the project and had interesting related topics to add, such as the history of comic artists studio in the city centre decades ago.

I am looking forward to researching, writing and drawing this comic to complete semester 3 and the course overall!